Cow & Gate Formula Growing Up Milk 2-3 years 900g

Product no.: 1194

Whether your toddler is tearing around the park or reading quietly on your knee, it’s a joy to see their personality shining through. The right nutrition is vital, which is why we’ve made a milk that contains plenty of the hard-to-get nutrients your toddler needs.
The Department of Health recommends that once a toddler reaches the age of 2, they can switch from drinking a full-fat milk to a semi-skimmed version, if they’re eating and growing well. Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk is a semi-skimmed version specially formulated to help meet the nutritional needs of toddlers between 2-3 years. It can be used as a drink or mixed with other foods.

Just 2 beakers provide 100% vitamin D.
Did you know the Reference Nutrient Intake (RNI) for vitamin D is 7mcg/day? From 2 x 150ml beakers of powder your toddler can get 124% (8.7mcg/day) of their RNI and 132% (9.3mcg/day) from ready to drink.

  • vitamin D - for normal bone development
  • omega 3 - an essential fatty acid
  • iron - to support normal cognitive development
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