2 x Extreme 14 Day Botanical Tea £13.98 plus £6 delivery

Product no.: 2307

Step 1. Activate

Wake up, get up and kick ass all day long with a cup of Activate tea at breakfast.
It will help:

  • Speed your metabolism
  • Reduce your bloating
  • Suppress your appetite
  • Charge your immune system
  • Boost your energy
Step 2. Cleanse

Get a flat tummy while you sleep (oh yeah!) Drink every couple of nights before bed to help:

  • Detoxify your system
  • Reduce your bloating
  • Decrease your water retention
  • Cleanse your digestive system

* Our Cleanse tea contains a natural, gentle herb that has a mild cleansing effect, so start with a shorter infusion time and work out what's best for your body.

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