Menopace Calcium Tablets - 60

Product no.: 2528

Product description

Vitamin and mineral tablets with calcium and soya isoflavones.

Menopace with extra nutrients

Menopace Calcium combines the Origional Menopace formula with additional calcium. It also provides extra vitamin D3 and soy isoflavones all in one convenient formula.

Includes a rich source of calcium (700mg), vitamin D3 plus magnesium. Vitamin D3 is vital for calcium absorption and maintenance of normal bones, whilst magnesium assists with maintenence of normal bones.

Vitamin C and supporting nutrients to help maintain normal formulation of collagen.

Name and address of manufacturer: Vitabiotics Ltd, 1 Apsley Way, London, NW2 7HF, U.K.

Country of origin - U.K.

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