Tommee Tippee complete feeding kit

Product no.: 5776

Complete Feeding Kit

  • Fast fuss-free sterilising

    Sterilise up to 6 bottles in just 5 minutes with the Tommee Tippee Steri-Steam Electric Steriliser, ready to prepare a fresh feed for your baby any time of day or night. Using the all-natural cleaning power of steam, you can be reassured that it sterilises every surface, killing 99.9% of germs that may linger in bottles, teats, breast pumps and other accessories even after thorough washing.
  • Breast-like shaped teat

    The breast-like shaped teat of our Closer to Nature Bottles allows babies to latch on easily and supports the transition between breast and bottle. The soft silicone teat feels closer to skin, and moves, flexes and stretches during feeding to mimic a natural breastfeeding action.
  • Gentle warming

    Warming baby’s feeds to body temperature before feeding helps create a more natural experience for babies. It’s gentler on your baby’s tummy too. With the Tommee Tippee Bottle and Food Warmer you can warm breast milk, formula and a range of baby food gently and quickly.