Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 256GB

Product no.: 6561

“The foldable design fits perfectly in your back pocket. And if you need to quickly read a message on the fly, you don't even need to unfold it. Whether it’s calls, DMs or emails, the notification screen keeps you in the loop.”



  • 6.7" Full HD+ AMOLED foldable display
  • 12 MP + 12 MP dual camera
  • 256 GB storage
  • Operating System

Android 10

The software that runs the phone. Different software has different features and strengths, so it's best to try out a few to decide which you prefer.


Front - Megapixels


The number of megapixels (MP) the device's camera has. This is a measure of detail, so, as a general rule, the higher the megapixel count, the more detailed photos you'll be able to take. Rear Camera 12 megapixels

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