Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Eau de Parfum for Men

Product no.: 7501
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Uncover your eccentric and bold side. Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Eau de Parfum for men has a sensual fragrance that makes you give your unconventional and somewhat mysterious traits complete freedom, showing your masculinity more intensively than ever.

  • an aromatic, woody fragrance for bold men who aren’t afraid of challenging others
  • a more intense successor to Gucci Guilty Pour Homme
  • this Eau de Toilette celebrates freedom under the slogan #foreverguilty

Composition of the fragrance
The initial unexpected combination of roses and spicy chilli peppers captures your senses straight away. The chilli peppers add a retro touch, as they were one of the most popular aftershave ingredients in the 1970s. The spicy head then creates a compelling contrast to the following citrus notes with bitter undertones and a touch of lavender. Patchouli and cedar wood create a rich and sensual effect.

Story of the fragrance
Gucci Guilty Pour Homme comes in an opaque black bottle, which is a fitting reflection of this mysterious and modern aftershave full of contrasts. And that’s not all. This Eau de Parfum exudes strength and masculinity.