Christian Dior Ispahan Liquid Soap

Product no.: 7636
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Liquid hand and body soap
"Leave a fragrant impression with every handshake."
The Oud Ispahan liquid hand and body soap release a light lather that provides softness and comfort to the skin while cleansing it. Its pleasant and creamy texture enhances and delicately perfumes the skin.
Enjoy a moment of pure pleasure, thanks to the intense fragrance trail of Oud Ispahan, in an everyday action. Let yourself be captivated by its floral and intoxicating notes in a dulcet atmosphere where the scents of Rose, Incense, and Resin float.
Continue this sensorial experience with La Collection Privée Christian Dior by discovering the other scented variations of Oud Ispahan: the solid soap as well as the body cream.
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