Christian Dior Rose Kabuki

Product no.: 7706
From 998,000/=

Homage to Kabuki, the traditional Japanese theater, Rose Kabuki is a fragrance that boldly combines the freshness of rose with the scent of powder, inspired by the face makeup worn by the actors on stage.

Rose Kabuki has a theatrical character. When the curtain rises, the fragrance reveals a powerful rose note beneath a powdery dusting of musks.

The Rose Kabuki fragrance is pricked with a green note to portray the rose from stem to flower.

The rosy pink of the rose. This floral and musky fragrance conveys the colour of a flower with a vivid pink soothed by a voluptuous white.

Light floral. Rose Kabuki is a pure and immediate fragrance with scents of newly bloomed rose that burst with generosity. A fragrance with powdery nuances, like a delicately dusted bouquet of roses.

Rose Kabuki is a fresh and confident fragrance. A delicate rose that encounters the intensity of musks.