Cantu Microfiber Drying Cap

Product no.: 8197

Product details


Comfy all-in-one cap plus a built-in scarf, made of ultra plush, super absorbent microfiber material that effectively absorbs moisture and helps to keep curls smooth. Tie the scarf for a perfect fit. 

  • A comfy cap plus a built-in scarf to gently dry your hair
  • Made of ultra plush, super absorbent microfibre material
  • Effectively absorbs moisture and helps keep curls smooth

Cantu Microfibre Drying Cap - Maroon


How to use

Use cap on wet hair after cleansing and conditioning. Can also be used when 'plopping' hair for well-defined curls and waves. Plopping is the curly-approved technique, alternative to twisting a towel around your head. It allows you to dry your hair without disturbing your curl, coil or wave pattern.

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